Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why I am a Libertarian

The Nolan Chart, showing libertarians believe in maximum
economic and personal liberty.

This will be an evolving list...

1. Because other people ARE NOT my property.

2. Because I do not believe in forcing people to ascribe to a religion worldview, adhere to a religious doctrine, or practice a religious discipline, through rule of law.

3. Because I believe that any activity, so long as it doesn't create immediate disorder, incur an injustice, or rob another of their liberty, should be permissible and not prohibited by law.

4. Because I believe in a rigid interpretation of the Constitution, based upon the founder's original intent, contra the Loose Constructionism or "Living Constitution" theory of interpretation. And the Federal Government should be FORCED to adhere to their Constitutional constraints.

5. Because I believe it is cheating for any religion to impose its disciplines, doctrines, or morals, through the rule of law, instead of changing people from the inside out and allowing them to convert through their own volition.

6. Because I believe government, even the best government, trends toward malevolence and incompetence, and therefore should be rendered as ineffective and unobtrusive as possible before this trend comes to fruition.

7. Because I believe the individual is of more value than the collective. Societies come and go. People live forever.

8. Because I believe taking responsibility for all the aspects of one's life is more effective than public options that takes the responsibility away from us.

9. Because I believe a truly free-market, laissez-faire capitalist system provides for the prosperity and welfare of the people better than a government managed, taxpayer funded subsidiary welfare system and a government regulated capitalist system.

10. Because I believe all taxation is theft.

11. Because I believe hostile nations fear an armed citizenry infinitely more than they fear the most powerful and technologically advanced military a country can contrive.

12. Because I believe, given enough time, even the citizens of a free nation will find themselves defending themselves against their own government.

13. Because I believe the distinctions between the two modern political parties are barely measurable, and that both are motivated by power.

14. Because I believe a fiat currency system places our livelihoods at the whim of private bankers, and cannot ever be a permanent currency system.

15. Because I believe that, while I may not agree with the moral choices of homosexuals, the activities of gay couples, including state-sanctioned marriage, neither breaks my legs or picks my pocket, and therefore, I am indifferent to their activities, insofar as I am not negatively affected by them. See #1 and #2.

16. Because I believe that if the Church truly believes in being separate from the state, they should withdraw from seeking state-sanction for their marriages, per the Biblical mandate to be "separate".

17. Because I believe privately owned companies should be able to hire whom they choose, disallow patrons for any reason they choose, and not be forced to offer, and subsidize, benefits that is contrary to the company owner's moral convictions.

18. Abortion, is, in my opinion, contrary to the principles of the sanctity of life, and therefore robs the unborn of their life, and consequently, their liberty, and should be legally prohibited.

19. Because our elected officials do not take oaths to protect us. They take oaths to protect and defend the Constitution. When that is done, the Constitution empowers us to protect ourselves.

20. Because I never signed any "social contract" that mandates I behave in certain, socially acceptable, way.

21. Because I believe banning guns only take guns away from law-abiding citizens, and will not take them away from criminals.

22. Because restoring America's financial solvency involves massive spending cuts, and minimal, if any, increases in revenue.

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