Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Story of Stuff: Liberal Propaganda in our Schools

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This truly unbelievable video, making Capitalism out to be the prevailing evil in our society, has surfaced, and has apparently infiltrated our public schools as certifiable curriculum. My list of reasons why I detest the public school system is growing day by day.

Anyway, below is the video.

And here is the independent critique of the video.

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Anonymous said...

The video is a terrible rebuttal. It misinterprets her arguments entirely. It is very clear that you are clueless and a follower. Beyond the fact that you are overtly religious making it pretty obvious that you are a follower and most likely an authoritarian you got your argument directly from Glenn Beck and base your entire argument on a demagogue whose own clip made me want to puke all over myself. It was nonsensical ramblings far far removed from any real argument. Your own following of such baseless garbage makes it pretty damn obvious that you have no understanding of the issues involved and are fine with letting other people who most likely already agree with your biases and judgments (again your overtly religious making your God already a mirror image of your biases) tell you what to think, say, and post.