Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Real America

I need to rant a moment to Conservatives.

People like us are politically savvy. We understand the apparent dangers of government getting too big. We discuss these things on these forums and on talk radio shows.

But I have made a disconcerting discovery. The average person doesn't care. Political awareness is no longer the norm, but politics has been reduced to a studious hobby reserved only for those who are thus inclined. Voting for the guy who can make the most lavish promises is the new norm. Political awareness and proficiency is no longer required.

Most people are only thinking about their job, and about whether or not they are going to be able to pay their bills and keep their home. If government intervention and regulation means they keep their job, that is what they are going to pull for. They don't understand that such government involvement is a prelude to a Orwellian society. They don't care.

They don't know what the words "liberal" and "conservative" even means. They have no idea what the political spectrum or the Nolan Chart is. It isn't relevant to their lives.

That is why Obama's approval numbers are so high. People have genuine hope in him, and are not concerned with what lies years ahead of us.

You cannot convince these people that our healthcare system being run by a government bureaucracy is a bad, bad, bad thing. They only see how expensive it is right now, along with the idea that some people do not have medical care available to them. They think something needs to be done, and the government is the only one they regard as powerful enough to bring about reform.

You cannot convince them that letting GM fail as any other unsuccessful company will fail is a good thing compared to government taking it over. All they see is that the government will, as supposed, preserve many of the jobs that would otherwise be lost. In vain would you explain to them that GM under government management is like keeping a body alive through life support, that would die otherwise. It may have a pulse, but it won't be a potent contributor to the free market. In fact, it will only make it difficult for other car companies to compete, since they are competing against a taxpayer subsidized company now.

In summary, these people don't care about big or small government. Most have never read the Constitution! They don't understand that the government is supposed to be on a leash, not running loose devouring every corporate entity that suits their fancy.

I guess one of my little quips is still valid. Politics isn't about truth, it is about perception.

Is there any hope of getting conservatism into our government again? Realistically, is there any? Is it even possible at this point to rein our government back in within the bounds of the Constitution?

Would someone please explain to me what exactly we Conservatives are attempting to accomplish? I am not sure any more. There is a divide even among conservatives on how conservative is too conservative. Should modern day conservatism be reduced to what would have been considered centrist views by Buckley and Reagan? Should we, like most of the third parties, stick to our principles, and consequently lose forever the majority, never win an election, and become an impotent force in politics?

The simple fact is that we are not losing elections because the majority adhere to liberal policies. We are losing elections because voters are willfully ignorant of political science, vote based on oration and demeanor of the candidates, and are too lazy to read a book or two to become informed.

Personally, I cannot understand how anyone who is informed about political world history would want to rely on the federal government for anything. We are afraid of our government... But shouldn't that be the other way around.

One last question. Why isn't there uproar and outrage occurring in DC over over this obvious... OBVIOUS... Socialization and Nationalization? I see Conservatives writing books, and giving speeches. Well, NEWSFLASH!!! The voters don't read!!! The voters don't watch speeches!!! They watch Jon and Kate, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars. They work in repetitive, mundane jobs, and their only concern is their next paycheck. The million dollar question is, how do Conservatives reach these people. It is super easy for liberals to reach them. All they have to do is offer handouts and lavish promises. Problem solved for them. Conservatism faces bigger challenges.

But we Conservatives are faced with the tedious task of saying, in essence, "Elect us, and we will actually do LESS for you.", since diminished government is the core philosophy of Conservatism, and then we are faced with the burden of proving that philosophy is better for the social and financial health of all our citizens. How is this to be accomplished?

Here's to hoping a well bred Conservative here can enlighten me.

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Finley McKinney said...


you have described our dilemma perfectly: how to awaken the sleeping, and then to tell them what they don't want to hear?
My faith and hope is in Jesus and in the eternal life He has promised me; this world is not my home and I'm just passing through. Still, I love America and the ideals to which she once aspired, and I'm not ready to give up on her without a fight. There are many, many of us out there; perhaps together we can find effective ways to bring others to the "eureka" moment we've eperienced. Happy farming, my brother!