Thursday, October 18, 2007

27 Reasons Why I am a Conservative

1. I do not believe that Socialism can work in a fallen society.

2. I do not believe the government's IQ is sufficient to operate socialized healthcare, nor is there Constitutional provision for the government to operate healthcare.

3. I believe that Capitalism, though not perfect, is the best system for a fallen society, for it gives everyone the opportunity to succeed, and imposes no mandate to donate wealth to the less fortunate, but still allows for philanthropy out of one's own conscience.

4. I do not believe in the concept of a government mandated and controlled collection and redistribution of resources in a fallen society.

5. I do not believe in imposing higher taxes to fund easily-exploitable government programming that (supposedly) cares for the less fortunate.

6. I believe in limiting the government programming available, except for the sincerely sick, disabled, and for senior citizens.

7. I believe government programs creates as many victims as it helps.

8. I do not believe in governmental interference into private industry.

9. I believe that all civilians have the right to both own, and carry, civilian firearms, including models used by law enforcement as well as obsolete military models, and legally use them in self-defense. I do not believe civilians have the right to own or carry firearms engineered and developed for modern military use.

10. I believe the influx of illegal aliens from our southern borders is forcing more and more U.S. citizens out of work, and gradually into poverty conditions.

11. I believe the influx of illegal aliens is detrimental to the economy since the greater percentage of the earned wages of an illegal alien is contributed to Mexico's economy.

12. I believe the apathy toward illegal immigration by past presidents has resulted in industry's dependence on cheap labor. Consequently, imposing strict laws on illegal immigration now would force more and more industries to seek out cheap labor elsewhere, probably overseas in China, in the form of outsourcing.

13. I believe all borders should be closed and monitored during war-time.

14. I believe those who sneak across our borders, regardless of reason or motivation, ought to be deemed a threat to national security.

15. I believe abortion is murder, and injustice to the unborn, and consequently it is detrimental to the over-all health of our society, and should be illegal on a state level on par with its respective state's murder laws.

16. I believe in imposing a swift, cruel, and lifelong penalty for those who break our laws.

17. I do not believe a single taxpayer dime ought to be spent in attempting to rehabilitate criminals. (I do not believe in the death penalty, which is a non-Conservative position)

18. I believe the government should have very little influence in domestic life.

19. I believe that we should commence with the domestic drilling for crude oil in an effort to wean us from depending on the middle-East for our energy.

20. I believe the government should devote resources into developing a fuel alternative, and then provide their research to private companies, instead of just patting the auto-makers on the back and spurring them on.

21. I believe global warming is speculation at best.

22. I believe the mainstream media spins their stories with political significance so that Conservative policies falsely appear to have a negative impact on American society, and that depicts Liberal policies as the most beneficial to society.

23. I do not believe in student testing as a means of determining a school's efficacy.

24. I believe the way to improve on public education is to demand conformance of the teachers (not the students) to vigorous and rigid standards, and then make them rich by properly paying them the wages they deserve. In summary, good teachers equals good students.

25. I am not a pacifist, and believe war is an accepted and effective way of dealing with the unruly and destructive behavior of another country, after all other diplomatic methods of finding a resolution have been expended.

26. I believe that prisoners with information that can possibly circumvent a destructive attack where multiple lives may imperiled, may be tortured in an effort to extract this information. But the commanding officer ordering the procedure should be held accountable if the information retrieved is faulty or incomplete. I do not think we should have signed the Geneva Convention.

27. I oppose a New World Governance, or the joining of any union, or otherwise anything that threatens United States sovereignty.

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